Joe Rahal

Joe Rahal

Joseph Rahal

Originally from Belmont, Massachusetts, Joe Rahal has worked in Eastern Massachusetts most of his career and in Omaha, Nebraska for fourteen years.  In 1997 Joe founded his own consulting business –Rahal Consulting – a consulting practice specializing in sales, sales management, business development, marketing and business strategies targeting privately held clients.

He has over 35 years of successful performance and leadership in communication, financial services, manufacturing, technology, distribution, business services, publishing, education, media industries and many civic endeavors. Joe is a focused business leader who blends strategic planning with the foresight and practicality associated with successful execution.

His specific background includes:

  • Vice President of Sales and Marketing with a privately held waste-to-energy company with holdings in the produce equipment industry
  • A variety of positions in sales and marketing and labor relations with the former NYNEX / Bell Atlantic Corporation (now Verizon)
  • Publisher of 3 newspapers and Director of Sales for a chain of 12 newspapers
  • Director of Admissions at a private secondary preparatory school, Worcester Academy
  • Collegiate basketball coach at a Division 1 university

As founder of Rahal Consulting, Joe offers his clients a unique background and perspective and brings a fundamental and practical approach to creating and implementing change. He brings to his clients a broad base of experience, strong business acumen, a diverse set of professional talents and strong interpersonal skills.

Rahal Consulting’s focus is to help clients reach their goals by:

  • Analyzing their business, strategically and objectively;
  • Challenging their thinking;
  • Maintaining focus and discipline;
  • Providing the resource to create the right plan;
  • Facilitating change through implementation;

From analysis and strategic planning to sales, sales management and business development, Rahal Consulting works collaboratively with its clients to improve their bottom line.

Joe has a Bachelors Degree from the University of New Hampshire and has been certified in conflict resolution and mediation by the Nebraska Court System.